jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Cantos de mi corazón by Ana María Martínez

By José Antonio Simón

After attending Ana María Martínez´s recital in Zilha Hall at the Hobby Center, I found myself glowing from within. It´s not every day one has the opportunity to see a terrific singer in such an intimate environment. On this occasion, she donated her time and voice to celebrate the unveiling of a planned Performing Arts and Conference Center at the University of Saint Thomas, for which the design was recently commissioned.*

To the risk of sounding egotistical, it truly felt like Martínez was signing directly to me (and I´m sure everyone else would say the same, but i know I´m right). She began with some coquette but moving Zarzuela and a couple of lush Italian arias. Her voice is one of the most defined and powerful voices I´ve ever heard. Afterwards, the UST Pop Singers performed two choral numbers and Martínez followed after them with eight cellos to sing one of my favorite pieces of music, the first movement of the Bacjiana Brasileira #5. Finishing that, we were eased back to earth from our heavenly voyage with a Cuban Zarzuela and a couple of Christmas songs.
To end it all, I drove back singing opera all the way home to the chagrin of my family, just to remember that recital and all the wonderful music we had the pleasure of enjoying.
*This memorable event, was chaired by Kelly and Martin Fein. Thanks to the generous grant from the Alkek Williams Foundation, USt has engaged Studio Red Architects to begin the design of a Performing Arts and Conference Center that will occupy a block of University Campus.

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