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The Second Conversation with Bernard Arocha, one of the Collectors of "Cosmoplotian Routes: Houston Collects Latin American Art"

As part of its 10th anniversary The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston will bring an exhibit titled Cosmopolitan Routes: Houston Collects Latin American Art. The first interview was with collector Gail Adler. You can read that conversation here. Bernard and Mary Arocha are members of the Maecenas group which has helped in sponsoring the MFAH´s collection. As collectors themselves, they were very kind to share their views with Literal´s readers.

Rose Mary Salum: When did you start your collection?

Bernard Arocha: I started collecting in 1988.

RMS: What triggered the desire to collect art?

BA: A lifelong appreciation of art. I grew up in North New Jersey about 14 miles from NYC, so it was easy to visit MOMA.

RMS:Do you focus on one specific country, current, etc? International modern and contemporary art.

RMS:What is the favorite piece of your collection?

BA:This is a hard one, like which is your favorite child, but if I had to pick one it depends on the day, and how they behave. Well I guess the Chamberlain for the favorite sculpture.

RMS: Can you share with Literal´s readers a nice story about one of your pieces?

BA: I purchased this piece in auction, but I lost the bidding the first time, then a few years later, to my surprise it came up at auction a second time. Of course this time I would not let anyone overbid me.

RMS:What do you have in mind for your next acquisition?

BA:I do not know yet, I think it will be love at first sight!

Top Image: Untitled, 1998 by Guillermo Kuitca. Photo by Carolina Salomón

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